About Us

We're here to Uplift. Protect + Engage.

ATLAS FARIS BRAND, LLC also known as Atlas {+} Faris “The Men’s Face Company” promotes natural products, skin care solutions and genuine conversations for niche minority groups. We not only provide men with organic regimens, but act as a bridge for philanthropy and community engagement.


Our Team

Hanane Abdalla

Founder, CEO and Plant Gawdess. Bio-nerd and educator of all things good for your skin + health. Check her out @TheSunshineStrategy on IG.  


Zachary Pickett

Creative Director, Podcast Producer Extraordinaire, aka the tech Design and tech guy. Some day we'll get the man to take a headshot. 


Ryan Brown

Correspondent, Creative Advisor. Mental Health Specialist. VICE journalist + entrepreneur. He'll be contributing in the "{+} More Than" campaign. Check him and his epic beard out @Ryanjcbrown. 



Je'von Hutchison

+Beard Ambassador, and Blog Contributor. Track & Field athlete training for the 2020 Olympics, health & wellness coach, and athletic advisor, born and raised in south Florida. He has a love and passion for training, coaching, educating on personal health, wellness, and fitness. We're proud to have Je'von as an Atlas {+} Faris Beard ambassador. You can follow and reach Je'Von at: https://www.athletebiz.us/jevon-hutchison; https://www.facebook.com/JVonJamal/ Instagram: @jvonjamal; Twitter: @jvonjamal



"Changed my perspective on beard and maintenance care." -@dubb.b
"My wife noticed a difference & I noticed how my beard was thicker looking and more filled in." -Donnell P.
"I like the balm the best, its a one-stop shop for my beard. Just wash, apply, comb, magnetism lol." -@nathanarchy
"Outstanding product. I received the Beard Balm as a gift from my wife, I was hesitant to use it at first due to being used to my old brand. But once I did, I started to notice the difference almost immediately (3rd or 4th day)." -@thiskid_Ab
"So glad I got to experience the beard balm. I love the way it makes my skin and beard feel: moisturized and fresh. People have commented on how healthy it looks when I use the product. I’ll be continuing to use for as long as I can!" -Parker M.
"Would buy again" -Folayan O.