{+} More

Hey friends, it's @TheSunshineStrategy coming at you with our new and refurbished site here at Atlasfaris.com. We are excited that you took a moment out of your day to check out our products. We have so many things in the horizon for you to enjoy on top of our Beard products. Including the "{+} More Than" campaign geared toward having more physical and mental health conversations and more community engagement. We will be kicking it off with a podcast highlighting some of the movers and shakers in entrepreneurship, mental health, and physical wellness right here! Stay tuned for the campaign launch, we will be kicking it off with our very first podcast episode this Wednesday (May 23rd)! I will be sharing the mic with a Ted-talking, entrepreneur making strides in the community and with the youth of today. Thank you so much for all your continued support and love. 

Love + Light

-Hanane  CEO + Founder Atlas Faris Brand, LLC.