{+} More Than Podcast- Episode 1 with Justin Shaifer

On Episode 1 of the "{+} More Than" campaign we are sitting down with Justin J. Shaifer the Executive Director of Fascinate Inc.(we like to refer to him as, the "Black Bill Nye). Justin shares his compelling story about growing up in Southside Chicago, and finding his path through entrepreneurship, STEM, and youth education. He travels the country exciting students underrepresented communities about STEM. He creates and implements culturally responsive STEM content into educational institutions. We discuss 21 Savage, STEM, motivational speaking, fear of success, and entrepreneurship.


{+} More Than is a podcast hosted by Hanane Abdalla Founder of Atlas {+} Faris: The Men's Face Company (www.atlasfaris.com). The majority of media is centralized around the negative imagery of black and brown men. Our goal is to flood your feeds with positive narratives. Changing the way we think, behave, and ultimately live as a community. Period. We will be featuring brown and black men that have made it their mission to uplift, protect, and engage our communities through entrepreneurship, tabooed mental health conversations, and community efforts. We are here to share these compelling and stories that inspire you to share the message that we are HERE and we are MORE THAN what you might think.